CCTV Cameras for Home and Offices

Piper is a multifunctional controller that includes a security system. Piper NV is an advanced version of the device, which has an improved HD camera with night-vision mode, motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, as well as a loud siren speaker (105 dB). Multiple Piper devices can be easily combined into one network, so Piper and Z-Wave devices will make your home smart, comfortable and safe.

Z-Wave Piper NV controller with security features and HD camera


With Piper NV, you will feel calmer, worry less about your home and family when you are away, because now you can look at them directly from your smartphone, and support for two-way audio allows you to communicate with them through Piper and the mobile application. Camera Piper NV has a viewing angle of 180˚, which allows you to see the whole room at the same time in the dark. In the security mode, Piper NV reacts to movement even in poor visibility: if at least something moves within ten meters, when no one is at home, you will instantly receive a notification, message or call. 5 seconds before activation and the next 20 seconds will be recorded in maximum resolution and stored in the device’s own memory, which is enough for about 1000 thousand such videos, and will also be stored in the “cloud storage”. In addition, you can configure the activation of the siren in such cases.

  • Thanks to the built-in motion detector and Piper NV siren, you can serve as a burglar alarm, and humidity and temperature sensors extend its functionality to a weather station.
  • Support for the Z-Wave protocol will allow devices to be added to Piper NV, and a proprietary application will manage them and link them into different scenarios.
  • Multifunctionality Piper NV allows you to combine up to 5 Piper-s into one network, so you can control the various rooms of your house or apartment.

Smart camera for home CANARY

Canary View IndoorThe main reasons for the triumph – the appearance and functionality of the device. Canary is made of aluminum, released in three colors: white, black, silver, is embedded in any interior, but it does not take much space. The backlight below shows the status of the camera. The adjective that characterizes the gadget best is universal: Canary can be positioned both in a cozy living room and in a strict office — the device will look organic there and there.

The device entered the market only a year and a half after the campaign on Indiegogo: all this time, the camera creators worked on stability and refined the firmware.

Canary is able to shoot video in 1080P resolution with a viewing angle of 147 degrees – enough to fully monitor the room. Night shooting is supported by infrared LEDs – in the dark the picture is also quite distinguishable. Of course, there is a sensitive microphone, but you cannot use Canary as a webcam – the creators intentionally abandoned this function.

A small Canary Flex camera will monitor any part of the house, like traditional security cameras. With the help of specially designed mounts, it can be placed, spy-wise, in an absolutely unexpected place. The standard Secure bracket can easily hold it on any surface – both vertical and horizontal. Its very mobile slot will allow the camera to put a convenient viewing angle from any position. Flexible Twist will attach Flex to a drainpipe or something similar, and Stake will hide the camera in a flowerpot. Without fear, it can be easily watered with it, as the device case is reliably protected from water, and even from low temperatures.

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