The chainsaw is the tool which will be irreplaceable at the dacha or in the private house. It can be used for firewood, cutting knots and branches, care for hedges, and much more.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a chainsaw, when buying it you need to pay attention to some nuances, which we will discuss in this article.

What you need to know before choosing

When choosing a chainsaw, one should pay attention not only to the brand of the manufacturer and the class of the device but also take into account many additional details that are of great importance for the proper operation of the device and the implementation of optimal cuts.


Tire length

When you need to make deep cuts (for example, if you need to cut trees), you need a tire of maximum length, and if you need to work at a moderate pace, you need to take a chainsaw with a tire that is intentionally smaller. You should also decide in advance what kind of tree a person is going to cut. It should be checked that the length of the tire is commensurate with its capacity.

If this parameter is not observed, then even with a large tire length, small power will become an obstacle to sawing a large thickness of the tree or its most powerful varieties. For a household chainsaw, a long tire is not suitable. It will lead to engine wear too fast and interruptions in operation.

Engine power

The ability to quickly and accurately cut wide wooden arrays or work with thick wood, to carry the chainsaw chain through the incision made in the tree depends on the engine power of the device. It is not always necessary to pay attention to power since an increase in this indicator leads to a weighting of the device, which makes it inconvenient to handle it, especially when cutting thin products.

The power of the chainsaw must be determined in advance in relation to the load on it.

Chain pitch

This indicator is completely determined by the saw class. It determines the ability to perform complex work or only a classic set of functions. A pitch of 0.325 inches is typical of household chainsaws, which is suitable for performing simple actions. The device, in this case, is characterized by minimal vibration and the lowest noise level, however, performance is lost, since power is only 2-3.5 horsepower.


Kickback protection

This mechanism is necessary in order to comply with the safety precautions when working with a chainsaw. At return recoil the saw automatically stops. This is possible with the origin of a number of cases. When the end of the saw hits an obstacle, it automatically stops working, thereby eliminating the risk of being crippled. There are manufacturers who equip chainsaws with special shields that perform a protective function (as with the Carver chainsaw). They completely cover all the cutting mechanisms at the hands of the worker, so even in the event of a malfunction, sharp objects cannot affect the person.

Anti-vibration system

Many believe that before purchasing a chainsaw, you need to turn it on and hold it in your hands. At the same time, one should pay attention to the whole device of the device, the quality of its work, however, one should not forget about the level of vibration. Typically, modern manufacturers to reduce vibration install simple shock absorbers made of rubber. He considers the method of reducing the impact of the vibrating device on the hands when the engine moves away from the handle more advanced.

What brand of the chainsaw to choose: the best equipment for summer residents

Most of the chainsaw market is represented by major European brands. Of course, they are the best in the business, their products are recognized worldwide and are of the highest quality at a price above the average. But we should not forget about the firms that offer low-end models: their products, even if sometimes slightly less reliable, but thanks to the low price, such saws find their consumers.

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