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How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor

The hardwood floor is all about a simple plank of wood cut to a specific length, width, and thickness. Almost all hardwoods floor are fascinating and desirable, but it’s recommendable to each and every home to choose the right flooring which best fits their house.

The hardwood floors are durable and beautiful, therefore an excellent addition to any household or commercial business. To decide which floor best fits you; you should take some time to learn about quick tips to consider before making a decision, e.g., the color to take or the floor appearance.

So…How to choose hardwood floor? The complete guide here:

Types of Hardwood Floor

There are two most common types of hardwood flooring: engineered and solid hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring

Most popular flooring and what comes to most people mind when they imagine about hardwood flooring. The floor consists of pieces of wood which you have selected from your favorite species. The whole wood plank is built from your selected wood. It has natural beauty, making it favorite to most people and gives a home a beautiful look. The solid floor is durable when constructed and maintained in the right way. It’s usually not good for rooms with high humidity.

Engineered hardwood

It is constructed using several layers of wood put together. A layer of original hardwood is always laid at the top and bottom of the floor. The floor is less damaged by moisture because the wood can contract or expand as humidity levels in the room changes. The floor is cheaper than traditional solid ones, however; the floor can’t be refinished or sanded, hence not durable.

Choosing Hardwood Floor

To pick the best flow which fit your budget you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • The time you want the floor to last?
  • Which floor is your interest e.g. elegant or rustic?
  • Are there kids or pets?
  • Are floors easy to clean? Type of routine cleaning e.g. vacuum cleaning?
  • Do you have plans to replace or repair floors in case of damages?

After taking these questions into consideration you can select the floor which meets your needs. Read about the best vacuums for hardwood floors on this resource Vacmux

Different Hardwood Floor Species

Some of the best popular hardwood floors used in houses include the following:



This is a special type of hardwood with many unique patterns and range of colors. This is one of a new type of hardwood currently in the market; it has been used popularly in furniture making.

Brazilian cherry


These floors have a different look compared to other floors, have reddish-brown tome which makes rooms more elegant. The floor is durable and best suitable for the area which attracts high traffic.



Bamboo floors are not exactly hardwood but are considered as one. It’s a form of grass which comes with different colors. Bamboo floor is not suitable for humid areas, it wears out easily to ensure durability it can be sanded or refinished.


Maple floor

This is one of the most common flooring choices. It is suitable for small and big space due to its subtle grain pattern. It’s recommendable to areas which attract high traffic because of its durability. Maple is less porous making it harder to absorb stain if your interest is to cover the specific stain.


mahogany hardwood flooring

Always chosen due to its beauty and elegance and improves quality by age. The mahogany floor price is a bit higher compared to other floors.



Ash is the best choice if looking for a very hardwood floor which is less expensive compared to others. There are different types of ash trees; to get the best requires a keen check of the tree.



The floor has an exotic, dark look creating an elegant look in most homes. There are different species of the walnut floor. It is very hard and is one of the strongest hardwoods in the market. Best suited for high traffic areas with a kid or even pets.



These floors are the most durable. If looking for a floor which is not very attractive and can withstand a lot of foot traffic this is the best choice. The floor can be combined with any type of decoration.



Best popular species used for all home construction especially the hardwood flooring. The species are so abundant making it a cheap hardwood hence affordable. It is attractive clear wood with creamy white color and absorbs stains easily.

Example Luxury lover can take solid hardwood of mahogany species. Kid lover or pet in the hall can take a floor which is scratch proof; stain proof and accident proof like Walnut species hardwood floors.


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