King Size Beds by La-z-boy: The Bigger the Better?

King size beds are all about comfort. Whether you prefer to be curled up in the middle, marooned on an island of springs and foam or starfished with your favourite bed companion, a king size bed can be the perfect solution to a loss of sleep.

The Preferable Size Depends on Some Factors

The Sleep Council study shows that couples sleep better in larger beds, an obvious point but still it is worth bearing in mind. The few centimetres on the dimensions don’t seem to matter a lot but at night time they can provide the difference between waking each other and sleeping soundly. Read more La-z-boy reviews to learn some extra details.

Whilst the image of children, pets and parents all piled into one bed is often an incredibly cute and attractive motif, it does not always deliver as elbows end up in crotches, knees in stomachs and even occasionally a toe in a nostril. For young families King size beds offer the opportunity for kids to pile in with toys, blankets all without completely destroying any possibility of continuing with your night’s sleep.

So why not superking? If you have the space and the cash, then there is no reason not to upgrade to the pinnacle of bed size. However, the jump between kingsize and superking is not to be sniffed at, whereas the price difference between a double and king size is nearly always negligible and occasionally non-existent.

Our Top Choices

So getting tempted? The idea of stretching out and not poking your toes out from under the covers not quite getting you there? How about we try and convince you with a few of our favourite king size bedsteads.

  • LPD Furniture are pretty solid with an on-trend bed design, but with this one they have outdone themselves. This cubic modern four-poster is the meeting point of contemporary style and good old fashioned luxury.
  • Chateau Interiors take French designs and finish them with beautiful distressed looks to create luxurious furniture with a very current look. The Taurus bed is a perfect example of this and, thanks to the high head and footboard, will leave you feeling cosy and contained despite the kingsize space you have to laze in.
  • Sleigh beds are the perfect frame for a king size mattress, their curved ends create a soft, comfy feel and the perfect place to lean against for the last night time chapter. The one from Classics Furniture is especially versatile and beautiful.

Hopefully we’ve whetted your appetite for a bigger-bed-blowout. Have you recently made the upgrade? Or are you considering? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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