The Best Acoustics for Your Computer | Review of Models in 2019

A computer without peripherals is an almost useless device. To fully exploit its potential, we need to connect, for example, a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and bookshelf speakers. In this ranking of the TOP-3, we pay attention to the last of these elements. What good bookshelf speakers for a computer to choose? Buy cheap or better pay more and choose something more advanced? Let’s find out!

Creative Pebble

Creative Pebble Black 2
A more advanced model that has a better design (than the previous one) and has speakers with diffusers made of rubberized material. This helps to improve the sound somewhat. But to normal bookshelf speakers 2.0 is still far away.

These columns are made of plastic. But compared to the previous ones, they have a better construction. There is even some kind of phase inverter. But the sense of it is not much. Columns are made in the form of balls. The front panel has an indicator and volume control.

The speaker system operates within the range of frequencies from 10 to 17,000 Hz. The total power of the bookshelf speakers is 4.5 watts. Not so much. But for a computer and a laptop that’s enough. The main thing is not to move away from them far. The price is acceptable.


  • unusual design
  • interesting shape
  • rubberized diffusers on the speakers
  • adequate price
  • USB powered


  • low power
  • poor sound quality

Logitech Z120


Swiss technology company Logitech International S.A. – a well-known manufacturer of computer peripherals and accessories. Low-cost and high-quality mice and keyboards of this brand are familiar to almost everyone, but the Z120 series speakers are also worthy of attention.

These are single-sided type 2.0 front speakers. (stereopair without a dedicated low-frequency channel) total power 1.2 W – 0.6 W each speaker. The dimensions of a single speaker are 8.8x9x11 cm. A stereo pair is made of high-quality white plastic with a black front part.

Computer bookshelf speakers produce sound in the range from 20 to 20 thousand. Hz. The overwhelming majority of reviews from real users point to a sufficiently high-quality sound, which single sideband speakers without a subwoofer are capable of.

The master speaker is equipped with a line input in the format of a standard mini-jack audio connector. Power supply – from USB-interface. Manufacturer’s warranty for this model is 24 months.


  • sufficient quality, as for such a form factor sound; High-quality assembly and materials;
  • there are bottoms, despite the lack of a subwoofer;
  • USB powered;
  • wires of normal length.


  • there is a slight background noise while using other USB or wireless devices.

Edifier r980t

Edifier r980t

But this is a more serious speaker system. She has much more dimensions. Yes, and the body is made of wood. This alone improves its sound characteristics. Also, this speaker has a very high quality bookshelf speakers.

If all previous speakers were single-sided, then this one already belongs to two-way ones. And it has a positive effect on the sound. Thus, the lower limit of the frequency range begins at 70 Hz, and the upper limit – 20,000 Hz. This is an acceptable result.

Due to the high-quality cabinet, full-fledged phase inverter and good bookshelf speakers, the sound quality of these speakers is quite good. On the rear panel has volume controls and bass and treble. Excellent bookshelf speakers for the PC.


  • great speakers
  • decent frequency spectrum
  • full phase inverter
  • the possibility of regulating the bass and midrange
  • there is a magnetic shielding
  • stylish design
  • high quality performance
  • adequate price tag


  • not enough high frequencies

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